Paul Flogstad

Duration : 300 Minutes

Training Description

5 Hours of Solid Housing Compliance Training by Paul Flogstad

As a professional in a highly regulated field, you must live up to a significant number of expectations on a daily basis. And you don’t always get the thorough guidance you need to comply.

For instance, HUD expects you to be versed in the latest EIV requirements, even as it continues to make significant updates to the system. REAC could come knocking at any moment —it conducts approximately 20,000 physical inspections on HUD properties each year. And MORs will shine a spotlight on all your tenant management missteps. But you can clear these compliance hurdles with this 5-in-1 bundle.

REAC Inspection Rule Update: UPCS Guidance & Protocol 2016

  • What are the latest updates to UPCS rules
  • How are these rules interpreted
  • How often will we be inspected?
  • What do the scores mean?
  • What are my rights during an inspection?
  • What are Exigent Health and Safety Items and how are they mitigated?
  • How do I get a copy of the report?

EIV Reporting Requirements (Updated Version)

  • What information is in EIV and where does it come from?
  • What are income reports?
  • What are Summary reports?
  • What is a verification report?
  • How often these reports are ran?
  • When is this report required?
  • What do we do with this report?

Management and Occupancy Review (MOR)

  • The MOR report and findings
  • Other relevant items from HUD handbook 4350.1
  • What is an MOR
  • Maintenance and Standard operating procedures
  • Leasing and occupancy
  • TRACs monitoring and compliance
  • How to have good tenant files
  • Security of information
  • How-to interpret the results of MOR review

HUD New Guidance on Criminal Records and Fair Housing Act

  • Definition of Disparate Impact
  • What is “Adverse Impact”
  • How does this affect the protected classes
  • How does this ruling affect development activities going forward
  • Understanding the new HUD guidance letter and the impacts it will have on property owners and managers when it comes to applicants applying to your property who have a criminal or felony background, especially when you have a blanket policy of not allowing anyone with a criminal background.
  • How the ruling affects certain protected and non- protected classes.
  • What is the difference between arrests and convictions and how does that pertain to the guidance letter.

HUD Waiting List Management

  • Key Regulations
  • Taking Applications for Occupancy
  • Matching Applicants on the Waiting List to Available Units
  • Creating and Maintaining Waiting Lists
  • Opening and Closing the Waiting List
  • Placing Families with Disabled Family Members
  • Documenting Changes to Waiting Lists
  • Updating Waiting List Information
  • Removing Names from the Waiting List
  • Reinstating Applicants to the Waiting List
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