What is your Cancellations, Substitutions and Refund policy?   

Cancellations, Substitutions and Refund Policy:

Cancellation (only for Live):

  • Cancellations won’t be accepted if done under 30 Working Days prior to the Webinar date. Only Conference cancellations received 30 Working Days prior to the webinar date are refundable with a small cancellation processing fee of $60.
  • If you are not able to attend for any reason, please notify us at the earliest prior to the event.

Substitution (only for Live)

  • Substitutions are permitted to avoid the $60 processing fee. 
  • Substitutions means either substituting a webinar for another webinar scheduled at a different day or substituting the attendee in place of the registered participant.

Substitution/Cancellations will not be accepted in below cases:

  • If the attendee missed the session
  • If the attendee would not be able to inform us 15 working days prior to the webinar date
  • If the attendee didn't receive the webinar instructions due to e-mail bounce/firewall protection. If there is system incompatibility issue at the attendee side
  • No refund will be granted for on-demand webinars.

REFUND POLICY for Live, Pre-Recorded, On Demand Webinars/audio conference:

  • No refund will be accepted/processed if in case we need to postpone the Live event due to any unforeseen circumstances. Registrants will be provided with the option to choose on-demand session of the same postponed event at any day with-out charging any product substitution fees
  • No refund will be processed in case customer didn't receive the instructions and didn't inform the same to customer service at-least 48 hours prior to the start time of the session. Customer need to raise the ticket at support@skilleducators.com and need to do the follow-up. 
  • No refund will be processed if the attendee didn't receive the webinar instructions due to e-mail bounce/firewall protection. If there is system incompatibility issue at the attendee side

Special Cases:

  • In the case of seeking refund after attending the live/pre-recorded session due to unavailability of audio or audio disturbance or problem with visuals or any other technical glitches during live webinar/on-demand/pre-recorded webinar, it will be proficiently examined based on the exact time and duration provided by the customer/attendee. Once, we are satisfied with the scrutiny, we would initiate the process of your refund.
  • No refund would be given in the case of event being rescheduled by the speaker, event will be rescheduled or products worth the same amount would be rendered.
  • No refund will be processed if in case we found two transaction of the same event with same organization (may be by same customer with same contact details; may be by same credit card; or may be with different customer with same credit card). It doesn't matter the transaction happended on the same date or different date.
  • No refund will be be processed after the date of the event (Live/On-demand)
  • No refund will be process if in case any customer ordered multiple times with same contact information for same/different products.
  • No refund will be processed if the customer order double by mistake and didn't inform the company in writing within 24 hours of the transaction. The customer receives the payment confirmation from the payment gateway (Stripe) and www.skilleducators.com. This is the customer liability to check the e-mail folders including spam/junk to confirm the same. Customer must request for the order receipt within 24 hours of its order in case didn't receive any confirmation.
  • No refund will be processed for an On-Demand/Pre-recorded session after the delivery of webinar instructions. We always advise our customers to review all the available options and read the training agenda first.

No Refund liability in the following cases:

  • Not able to attend the entire session due to any technical glitches at attendees/participants end.
  • Leave in the middle of session after logging in.
  • Not being satisfied with the presentation and content of the session.  
  • Not accessed the product (Pre-recorded session/On-Demand Session)


  • Customer will be provided with the new replaced DVD/Digital Download with out charging any shipping fees in case of damaged or malfunctioning DVD but the customer should submit evidence (photo or video) with regards to the damage or malfunction. Customer shall make sure the DVD should be returned in 15 days. If the customer desires new DVD it shall be shipped as and when the evidence is reconciled.
  • Customer will be provided with the new replaced DVD/Digital Download with out charging any shipping fees in case of DVD missing from the package or any other glitches at our end.


  • No money refund will be provided in case of Transcript and Digital Download.  


  • Applicable if the customer has bought a combination of Products Webinar, On-Demand, DVD, Transcript or any Digital Download. 
  • Part cancellation of the order. If you cancel a particular product out of the combo package you will be charged according to the original price of the remaining products in the combo and rest of the amount will be refunded back to your account.
  • Policy for Live/On-demand/Pre-Recorded Webinar and DVD/Transcript/Any Digital Download stands along with this combo offer policy.


  • No refund will be accepted for any product's Institutional License in any case. SkillEducators.com can not be held responsible for any content related issues.
  • We always recommend our customers to read the event description before they order. 

What if i found discrepancies/error in the webinar content (verbal or nonverval)?

We are an event management company responsible for training program scheduling and fulfillment. We are expert in technology, not in content. Speakers/presenters is the responsible party for any issue related to content of the training program. Therefore no refund is possible in the scenario for any product type. We recommend our customers to go through the training agenda and raise their content related request to our customer service before enrolling for any program.

What in case if I am not satisfied with the training?

Our training sessions cater to diverse audience with distinctive professional needs and we strive to do cater to their needs through our high quality webinars and related products. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We always share the training highlights and benefits on our website and insist our prospects to read the related information before registering. Therefore, refund is not possible in this case.

Skill Educators’ Disclaimer:

Webinars organized by www.skilleducators.com are subject to customer requirements. SkillEducators.COM reserves the right to cancel/postpone webinars on any subject at short notice with no loss or liability.