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Duration : 90 Minutes

Training Description

"There is nearly no limit to the automation that can be accomplished with Excel macros – saving you huge amounts of time and reducing human error. Creating recorded macros and learning to edit macro code is not difficult, and can be an incredible first step to full mastery of Excel."

Automation of normal tasks frees us up to do deeper, more meaningful, and more valuable work. In Excel, the tools we use to automate processes are macros, created in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Learning to create these macros has incredible returns.

To create macros for Excel, we can either record the macro, or write the macro. Learning to record a macro can give you a head start to building a valuable library of useful tools, as well as the skillset to begin writing your own. Hand-coded macros can contain very complex logic for difficult business situations.

In this webinar, we’ll create a solid foundation for understanding and creating your first half-dozen macros, while simultaneously giving you immediately useful tools. We set up Excel to handle macros correctly, and find common situations that we can address with easy-to-implement macros. Then, we give you the tools to apply this knowledge against any situation you find yourself in – because there are as many different macros as there are people using Excel!

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Adjusting Excel’s macro security settings and accessing the Personal Macro Workbook.
  • Recording Absolute- and Relative-Reference Macros (and mixing the two).
  • Triggering Excel macros with custom keyboard shortcuts and buttons.
  • Editing existing macros to adjust to new situations.
  • Copying-and-pasting elements of macros together to create more complex tools.
  • Understanding the Excel Object Model for programming any tool.


Every skill in this webinar will be displayed live, with sample files that you can download and experiment with on your own time. You’ll receive a PDF with not only step-by-step screenshot explanations, but detailed explorations of essential programming techniques. The live demonstrations will give you the skills necessary to record common, repetitive tasks in Excel, then trigger those to be repeated on a button press or keyboard shortcut. We’ll lay the foundation to let you ‘dig into’ existing macros, even other people’s code, and put together tools that will work for your unique situation. With these skills, you will be able to cut out innumerable clicks and decisions, which bog you down not only with time, but the opportunity to be inconsistent and make mistakes. The amount of time saved and number of mistakes avoided is only limited by your imagination.

Who Should Attend:

  • Business Analysts
  • Tax and Financial Professionals
  • Administrative Professionals
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Human Resources Analysts
  • Sales Professionals
  • Supply Chain Professionals
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