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James G. Zack Jr.

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Duration : 90 Minutes

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Much has been written over the years about proving and pricing contractor claims on construction projects. But little has been published about subcontractor delay claims. Do subcontractors have the same rights and remedies as the prime contractor?  Are they held to the same standards? What are their legal rights? Do owners owe time extensions for subcontractor delays? Are prime contractors at risk when they “pass through” a subcontractor’s delay claim to an owner? Are subcontractors at risk when a prime contractor opts not to sponsor their delay claim to the owner? This paper examines issues concerning subcontractor delay claims.

Learning Objectives:

  • In this program you’ll learn the typical causes of subcontractor delay and impact claims.
  • Attendees will be exposed to contractual issues surrounding subcontractor delay claims.
  • The program will identify practical problems concerning subcontractor delay claims from the project owner’s viewpoint.
  • The program highlights problems facing the General Contractors when faced with the request to pass through subcontractor delay claims to owners.
  • The program discusses what damages may flow from subcontractor delay claims and the recoverability of such damages.
  • Attendees will learn the theories of recovery a subcontractor can employ when pursuing a delay claim against the General Contractor.

Benefits of the Webinar:

  • Learn the value of pre-planning activities in such a manner as to avoid causing delay and impact to subcontractors.
  • As a General Contractor, learn about the arguments subcontractors can use to pursue delay and impact claims.
  • Become knowledgeable about the risks of sponsoring subcontractor delay claims to owners.
  • Subcontractors will learn the elements of proof necessary to successfully prosecute a delay and impact claim against a General Contractor.
  • Owners will gain insight into analysis of and /or defense against subcontractor delay claims passed through by their General Contractors.

After attending this webinar you will have a better understanding of the issues, risks and challenges concerning subcontractor delay and impact claims.  As a result legal disputes concerning such claims at the end of the project may be avoided.

This webinar addresses subcontractor delay claims, a common occurrence on project site but one which has rarely been written about.

Who will Benefit:

  • General Contractors
  • Owners and their representatives
  • Design professionals
  • Construction managers
  • Attorneys
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