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Joseph Murray

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Duration : 90 Minutes

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Many of today’s journals and publications promote a single type of advising model or strategy to solve your advising challenges. I believe these three frameworks provide a set of unique tools that can be used together and applied to different students and different situations to strengthen advising effectiveness. - Joseph Murray

Historically, academic advising has been based on course scheduling only. High advising ratios and a lack of proven alternatives were often to blame. This session will help institutions identify if their advising model is based on a course scheduling framework and equip both faculty and full time academic advisors and administrators with the tools to identify the implement proven alternatives. This session will explore the blending frameworks of Intrusive or Proactive, Developmental and Appreciative Advising. We will focus on how these models can be used together to support student success through advising. Strategies and concrete examples will be used to highlight some best practices for each model. An overview of each will covered with examples on how to utilize and implement each framework. Students often do not feel their voices are heard during their collegiate experience.  Institutional barriers can become insurmountable for students. Join us and see how blending these tools to build a personal connection and structured support is vital for retaining students and have fun along the way! This session will be engaging, informative and fun and will contain information that can be immediately applied to your work with students.

There is no magic bullet for student success and retention. Policies and practices can help but at the end of the day, success is all about building and strengthen advising relationships with each student. Most students and many institutions define academic advising as course scheduling. Though important, by itself, is not enough. To be truly impactful, academic advising must take on a broad, holistic view. True success comes one student at a time. This process cannot be done TO students, it has to be done WITH them. Students have to become a willing partner in this process. In this program, you will learn how to blend these three models into a single framework and examples will be provided to get you started.

Learning Objectives:

  • Innovative advising frameworks - Intrusive/Proactive Advising, Developmental Advising, and Appreciative Advising
  • Key strategies and concrete examples will be used to highlight some best practices for each model.
  • Positively transform your academic advising through the adaption of successful frameworks to meet advising goals within your specific institutional realities
  • Identify which framework to use with specific student populations, and perhaps more importantly how to blend all three frameworks into a single strategy
  • Uncover best practices in meeting the diverse advising needs of your students

Who will Benefit: Front line Professional Academic Advisors, Senior Level Advisors, Faculty Advisors, Advising Directors, Associate, and Assistant Deans with Advising responsibilities, Other Administrators with Advising oversight.

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