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3 Best Selling Webinars to Help You Hire & Retain The Very Best


What is the cost of a bad hire? Imagine the impact poor selection has on customer care, annoyed and irritated coworkers, possible litigation, rehiring cost, damaged reputation, not to mention lost sleep.

Reducing turnover and fast-tracking new employees to productivity is a key business imperative. The reality is that about 30% of employees don’t make it past their first year and it’s expensive.

​One study reported that 86% of employees plan to pursue new jobs and employee turnover is on the rise and is expected to continue to worsen over time. As a HR professional it's tough to attract good employees and keep them motivated. Get this SkillEducators exclusive bundle of three best selling webinars by Wes Pruett and make this a success story for your organization.

The Art of Behavioral-Based Interviewing:

▪ The basics of behavioral-based interviews
▪ Why traditional interviews are not suited for all jobs
▪ SOAR Fundamentals and how to apply SOAR in your interview
▪ Preparing for a behavioral-based interview
▪ 338 Behavioral based questions for practice
▪ Top 10 Tips for Interviewers

Onboard, Not Overboard! Tips to Drive New Hire Commitment:

▪ Understand the 5 key components of a best practices onboarding program.
▪ Understand the four “C’s”: Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection
▪ Applying gamification to onboarding – why and how
▪ How to structure a comprehensive onboarding plan
▪ Five metrics to help measure effectiveness
▪ And more.

Employee Retention Interviews: A Toolkit to Improve Retention and Lower Turnover:

▪ Learn a system for tracking retention in relation to risk of leaving and employee performance
▪ Understand the real cost of turnover
▪ Understand the factors of why employees stay and why they leave
▪ Learn the 5 essential communication steps in the interview process
▪ And more.

BONUS: 9 Additional Handouts Will be Provided

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