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Duration : 90 Minutes

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"Pie charts and clustered columns are Ambien for audiences. If it’s critical that you actually make something happen with your next chart, we’ll give you the tools you need."

As we hurtle toward 2020, every list of essential job skills and core competencies contains the following ideas: Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Communication. While there are certainly a host of new tools and technologies to help us with that, the tools we already know and use daily have vast untapped potential. Microsoft Excel, certainly, gets a bad rap when it comes to ‘data visualization,’ but that’s almost entirely because people don’t know how to use the tools in the box!

In this webinar, we’ll highlight a number of professional and compelling charting and visualization techniques. These can be used to build infographics, slide decks, reports, or any other sort of communication medium. You don’t need to invest money in new software – Excel can handle nearly anything.

When you can visualize and communicate the important insights in your business, you are far ahead in many different areas. Market your ideas to a new audience with beautiful and compelling visuals; get buy-in to fund your new business idea; sell clients on the effectiveness of your solutions. As people who live ‘close to the numbers,’ it can be very difficult to effectively communicate your message to people ‘outside the bubble.’ These tools will cut through the noise and create change.

In this program, we’ll cover:

  • Creating graphical charts with symbols, pictures, maps, and more
  • Highlighting relevant data dynamically with conditionally formatted charts
  • Isolating critical points with logical functions
  • Leveraging essential design skills to understand and deliver for your audience
  • Using obscure tools like the Camera and Pivot drill-downs to build incredible dashboards

Benefits of the program:

Every skill in this webinar will be displayed live, with sample files that you can download and experiment with on your own time. You’ll receive a PDF with not only step-by-step screenshot explanations, but detailed explorations of essential soft skills like Design Theory and Audience Profiling. When we’re done, you’ll ‘begin with the end in mind.’ No longer will you create the first chart that comes to mind, and deliver it to your audience, unsure of what will happen. We’ll show you how to translate the audience’s needs into specific, detailed steps. We’ll show you how to build a visual framework that will work for every situation. We’ll give you real showstopper skills in Excel charting that will enthrall your audience, and give them the message you need with little explanation necessary.

Who Should Attend:

  • C-level Executives
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants

… and anyone who needs to communicate numbers.

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