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Duration : 90 Minutes

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Far too much of our day is spent performing steps that (1) we've done before, and (2) we know we'll do again. This session focuses on trying to plan ahead, by creating templates for our spreadsheets, that include formatting and validation on cells before anyone gets their hands on them. We'll also automate a number of tasks by creating macros, giving us hours back every week!

VBA is one of the must have skills for advanced Excel training for Excel Power Users. VBA will save you, your colleagues and your customers hours of time by allowing you to automate any Excel-based task or process. If you’ve never used VBA before and you’d like to learn about the basics of VBA and automation, this Excel training online webinar is for you.

Areas Covered In This Webinar :

  • Getting familiar with the VBA editor
  • Understanding VBA jargon such as procedures, modules, methods and properties
  • How to edit an existing macro
  • How to write a simple macro from scratch using VBA
  • Creating inline documentation
  • Applying Custom Number Formatting to Cells
  • Using Conditional Formatting to Provide Real-Time Feedback
  • Setting Up Error Handling on Calculations
  • Using Data Validation to Fix Problems Before They Happen
  • Planning and Saving Template Files
  • Recording Macros to Save Time

Learning Objectives :

  • Commonly used VBA functionality including IF statements, Looping statements and variables
  • Using VBA to control what happens a file is opened or closed
  • How to create your own worksheet functions

Benefit of the Course: Learn to create 'foolproof' Excel spreadsheets to guarantee accuracy and ease of use with your coworkers.

Who should attend:

This session is designed for anyone who creates consistent, repetitive spreadsheets with similar purposes and content to save hours of time re-creating spreadsheets and cleaning up faulty entries.

  • Business professionals
  • Business owners
  • Administrative support staff
  • IT support staff
  • Human Resource professionals

What You Will Get:

  • Sample Exercise Files
  • A Full PDF Guide
  • Presentation Material
  • CPE Credit
  • Certificate of Participation
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