Duration : 4.5 Hours

Training Description

4.5 Hours of Complete Compliance Toolkit: Conducting Internal Investigations Effectively

Working in human resources is hard work!  In addition to being the sounding board of employee complaints, the human resource professional must ensure that company policy and the law are being followed.  How the human resource professional investigates employee issues can make all of the difference of whether the company finds itself in a nasty lawsuit or whether that lawsuit is even defensible. 

Courses Included in this Toolkit:

  1. Conducting Effective Internal Investigations: Avoid the Courtroom
  2. Effective Investigation Reports . . . Tips to Writing it Right!
  3. Employee Drama or Serious Complaint: Effective Interview Techniques for Investigations

Learning Objectives:

  • What triggers the duty to investigate
  • Who is the right person to investigate – it is not always the same person
  • Characteristics of an effective investigation
  • How to maintain confidentiality in an investigation
  • How to plan out your investigation
  • Preparing to interview witnesses
  • Effective interview techniques
  • How to document information
  • Determining the results of the investigation
  • Preparing report of investigation results
  • Concluding recommendations and action plans
  • Following up on the results of your investigation
  • How the Supreme Court defines retaliation and avoiding it after your investigation
  • Legal Pitfalls to Avoid When Conducting Discrimination Investigations in the Workplace
  • How To Properly Conducting Discrimination Investigations
  • Privacy Issues: Cases on Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
  • Preparing The Investigative Report
  • Tips on How HR should Interview Witnesses
  • Discussion of Cases Where Flawed Investigations by HR Were Costly for Employers
  • Addressing How to Handle He Said-She Said Scenarios
  • Tips on Presenting your HR Investigative Report to Upper Management
  • Preparing for Litigation: Preparation for Testifying about Your Report in Court
  • Federal Labor & Employment Law:  Understanding Your Compliance Requirements When Conducting Workplace Investigations
  • Module 3: Common Laws That Add Compliance Obligations When Conducting Investigations
  • Module 4: Developing an Investigative Strategy To Manage A Case Effectively
  • Conducting Effective Witness Interviews To Cut Though The Nonsense And Get To The Truth
  • Organizing Evidence In Preparation For Writing The Investigative Report
  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing An Effective Investigative Report
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